Refund Specialist SystemTM is a feel-good business that ticks all the boxes!

It is a bespoke millionaire-making business system that has assisted thousands of regular people in making 6–7 figures in the lucrative refund industry.

Refund Specialist SystemTM is a completely mobile, laptop-based business that may be done from any location.

With this special business system, you can learn, get started, and make money all at once which is AWESOME!

Start your business journey, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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It’s a service that could really help you, too!

Refunding your total revenue is 99.5% pure profits — because your overheads are insanely small.

The Refund business doesn’t allow for external competition (outside our program jurisdictions), so it’s not like there’s an army of competitors fighting for your business. It’s in the legislation!

It performs best in recession where people may need more money and is completely NOT reliant on the economy or world events.

Plus, you’re doing good for others (who doesn’t like receiving unexpected $), and it’s a super fun, fulfilling role: part Sherlock Holmes, part Santa Claus, part administrator.

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Proven Business Opportunity in Australia, USA and New Zealand you can start at home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged society and business to new heights! Many small business owners are unsure what steps to take to minimize risk, protect workers, and help customers as the situation develops further 12 months later. So here at Create Business, we offer an amazing business model that helps thousands of people as a Refund Specialist.

Work at Home, Work anywhere, Run this Business Portably. Our model will guide you through out your business journey, from training to launching your own home business.

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Create Business

Create Business was founded in 1999, we are ASIC-registered, and we are an international business training organization.